We can supply variable frequency drive (VFDs) for ac electrical motor.

This approach is much better for a number of reasons
  • Uses a minimum amount of energy
  • Reduces motor starting current
  • Provides a degree of motor protection
  • Cuts the wear and tear on the motor
  • Simplifies the design of the flow control system
  • Provides extensive diagnostics
  • Reduces the required maintenance

We are among the leading Supplier, Service provider and trader of PLCs. Owing to the immense experience and a competent team of experts, we are able to offer PLCs to respectable clients. These process control system by us are made utilizing high grade raw material at trustworthy vendors' premises. In addition to this, the offered range of process control instruments is suitably checked on different parameters to ensure its adherence with the international quality norms and standards.

  • Robust construction
  • Accurate results
  • Durable
  • Highly Efficient
  • Reliable

RTD's Rugged, reliable, highly-accurate ease of ordering, and fast turnarounds exceptional service and support.

  • Complete Thermowell assemblies, Transmitters assemblies
  • Full Line of Connection Heads - Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Iron, general purpose and explosion-proof.
  • Spring-loaded and welded threaded process connections, various nipple and union combinations.
  • Standard and mini connector probes
  • Leadwires in fiberglass, Teflon, PVC, SS armor and overbraid protection.
  • Handheld probes.
  • Plastics Industry assemblies.
  • Sanitary process probes.
  • Cut-to-length sensors.
  • Custom solutions for your application.
  • Platinum, Nickel, Copper RTDs , Thermistors, various tolerances, ranges, curves.
  • High Accuracy, High vibration RTD assemblies.

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams use specific symbols to show the connectivity of equipment, sensors, and valves in a control system. These symbols can represent actuators, sensors, and controllers and may be apparent in most, if not all, system diagrams. P&IDs provide more detail than a process flow diagram with the exception of the parameters, i.e. temperature, pressure, and flow values. Process equipment, valves, instruments and pipe lines are tagged with unique identification codes, set up according to their size, material fluid contents, method of connection (screwed, flanged, etc.) and the status.

Pressure Sensors & Controls
A pressure sensor measures pressure, typically of gases or liquids. Pressure is an expression of the force required to stop a fluid from expanding, and is usually stated in terms of force per unit area. A pressure sensor usually acts as a transducer; it generates a signal as a function of the pressure imposed. For the purposes of this article, such a signal is electrical.

There is also a category of pressure sensors that are designed to measure in a dynamic mode for capturing very high speed changes in pressure. Example applications for this type of sensor would be in the measuring of combustion pressure in an engine cylinder or in a gas turbine.

Because a thermocouple measures in wide temperature ranges and can be relatively rugged, thermocouples are very often used in industry. The following criteria are used in selecting a thermocouple:

Temperature range
  • Chemical resistance of the thermocouple or sheath material
    Abrasion and vibration resistance.
  • Installation requirements (may need to be compatible with existing equipment; existing holes may determine probe diameter)

Controllers & Indicators
Our complete product line supports every type of control application. Models with Active Color PV display and Ethernet connectivity are now available.

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC/PAC)
PLC:Leading Edge Controller FA-M3V features two core technologies and enhanced high-speed IPRS.

RTU/Hybrid PLC
RTU/Hybrid PLC consists of network-based control systems. STARDOM offers evolved SCADA solutions.

Flow Meters
To ensure a high degree of reliability, the manufacturing of all key components is done in-house and in accordance with our rigorous quality control standards. The differential flow meter is based on the Bernoullis Equation, where the pressure drop and the further measured signal is a function of the square flow speed.

The most common types of differential Flow Meters are
  • Magnetic Flowmeters
  • Vortex Flowmeters
  • Variable Area Flow Meter - Rotameters
  • Coriolis Flowmeter

An unrelated use of the term is in industrial process control, where a "transmitter" is a telemetry device which converts measurements from a sensor into a signal, and sends it, usually via wires, to be received by some display or control device located a distance away. The purpose of most transmitters is radio communication of information over a distance. such as an audio (sound) signal from a microphone, a video signal from a video camera, or in wireless networking devices a digital signal from a computer. The transmitter combines the information signal to be carried with the radio frequency signal which generates the radio waves, which is often called the carrier. This process is called modulation.

Junction Boxes
Electrical junction boxes are devices that contain the wiring junctions or intersections that allow the wiring in the home or public building to interface with the main power supply provided by a local utility. The presence of the box is generally regarded as both practical and more esthetically pleasing than a bunch of exposed electrical wires. While the exact configuration for electrical junctions containers of this type vary slightly, there are a few basic elements that are common to all designs.

Junction Boxes Series 8102
  • Robust enclosure of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin
  • Equipped with 4 sheath terminals and 1 PE connection
  • Terminal capacity: 2 x 4 mm2, single-wire
  • Degree of protection IP66
Junction Boxes Series 8118
  • Enclosure in glass fibre reinforced polyester resin
  • 3 Different sizes available
  • Degree of protection IP66

A sensor is a converter that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal which can be read by an observer or by an (today mostly electronic) instrument. For example, a mercury-in-glass thermometer converts the measured temperature into expansion and contraction of a liquid which can be read on a calibrated glass tube. A thermocouple converts temperature to an output voltage which can be read by a voltmeter.

This is a list of sensors sorted by sensor type
  • Acoustic, sound, vibration
  • Automotive, transportation
  • Chemical
  • Electric current, electric potential, magnetic, radio
  • Environment, weather, moisture, humidity
  • Flow, fluid velocity
  • Ionizing radiation, subatomic particles
  • Navigation instruments
  • Position, angle, displacement, distance, speed, acceleration
  • Optical, light, imaging, photon
  • Pressure
  • Force, density, level
  • Thermal, heat, temperature
  • Proximity, presence
  • Sensor technology

Level Controllers
These are suitable for conductive liquids like water and for non-conductive liquids like Diesel / Oil. Models for either one level monitoring or two level monitoring.

  • Can be used for potable water, water with impurities and for diesel/oil
  • Cable size & length no restriction for water level monitoring
    Suitable for variety of electrodes
  • Optical sensing for diesel/oil level monitoring
  • Open collector output (for FRKP4)
  • Choice of enclosures (DIN-Rail, & Plug-in)
  • Use of SMD Technology (S2 Series models)

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